Are you ready to take the steps necessary to improve your life? Not sure what functional fitness is? Little nervous? Don't be! The Welcome 2 the Jungle program is specifically designed to prepare you for your journey.  The Program will take you a through a step by step breakdown of the  exercises necessary to excel at your goals as well as correcting and preventing injuries.

The program is broken down in tiers.  The program lasts 6 weeks and will be determined by the benchmark exercises. All W2TJ programs consist of 1 personal training session and up to 3 classes per week.

Tier 1: New to the Game (4 Weeks)

If you haven't worked out in awhile or are new to functional fitness. Tier 1 will not only teach you how to properly perform exercises but also build your strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, and confidence needed to perform at your best but also to help you accomplish your goals more efficiently.

Tier 2: Refinery (2 Weeks)

The Refinery (Tier 2) is the where your skills are sharpened.  All Tier 1 members will be moved to Tier 2 upon completion of their first 4 weeks. 

Tier 3: Advance/Obstacle Course Training (1-2 Weeks)

So you want to be a Ninja Warrior, start here. Tier 3 is designed to help improve your grip, core,  and upper body strength.  It's also designed to help improve your balance, flexibility, and agility.  Everything you need to become a Ninja Warrior.

Tiers are determined by a series of Benchmark Exercises.

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